Golfers Elbow Treatment In Marin And Sonoma County

Better Golfer’s Elbow Therapy That Breaks Your Injury Cycle At Its Root

Your Golfer’s Elbow treatment program will include the best of both worlds: In-person Neuromuscular Massage Therapy sessions with me, here at Body In Balance – AND video self-help lessons you can watch and follow along with at home (at Golfer’s Elbow Classroom ) – Let’s put an end to your Golfer’s Elbow frustrations, limitations and pain once and for all!

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Not Sure If You Have Golfer’s Elbow Or Need A Better Understanding Of Your Injury First?

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So even if you’ve had your injury for months, this “introductory” course may be very helpful to you – especially if all you’ve ever known is the standard, “conventional wisdom” approach to it.

The first video lesson focuses on tests and assessments you can do yourself to see if you likely have Tennis Elbow – And the second video lesson does the same for Golfer’s Elbow.

Part of a video course that includes testing for Golfer's Elbow

The next 4 videos cover principles that apply to both Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow, including:

  • Why these injuries are often so difficult to recover from – And why it’s so important to take it seriously – Even if it doesn’t feel that serious at first…

  • Why the “common wisdom approach” to Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow is wrong – And why the standard treatments for these injuries are completely misdirected and usually a big mistake…

  • The muscular causes of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow injuries – The central role that muscles play in causing these injuries and how repetitive motions – Whether related to work, tennis, golf or gardening end up injuring you…

  • The true nature of the injury (Epicenter At The Epicondyle) – This video really gets to the heart of the matter: The essence of the injury to the tendons at the Epicondyle…

  • And most importantly, ‘Treatment Strategy’ – Because the actual problem at the root of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow – (which is NOT Tendonitis or inflammation) calls for a completely different treatment strategy! Here’s my approach compared to what I call the “S.I.C.k” approach.

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Your Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Treatment At Body In Balance

If you have a severe or chronic case of Golfer’s Elbow there is simply no substitute for hands-on therapy that releases your muscles and gives your tendons the kind of “stimulation” they need to heal faster and stronger.

Here a few words – including a video – from some of my pain-free, former Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow sufferers

What you get here is attentive, focused one-on-one treatment. There are no ice packs, no useless ultrasound, and you don’t get left laying around on a cold slab of vinyl with annoying electrodes pointlessly zapping you for 20 minutes.

I’ve been specializing in treating Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow – (and tendon problems, in general) – for about 15 years now, very successfully, and at the heart of my approach are two very special therapies:

Soft Tissue Release (STR) – In a very general way STR is a kind of “Deep Tissue Massage” – but I say that only as a jumping off point. This is the fastest way I know of to release the kinds of restrictions from tension and Scar Tissue that most Golfer’s Elbow sufferers have as one of the root causes of their injury.

NeuroMuscular Retraining (NMR) – Every Golfer’s Elbow case I’ve ever seen has had a pattern of muscle weaknesses and compensations. NMR helps to restore coordination and strength to muscles that have become stuck in a state of “amnesia” – whether because of sudden, forceful injury or gradual repetitive strain.

And here’s a side-by-side summary of each therapy showing how they each help you recover on two different levels; the more physical (Soft Tissue Release) and the more functional (Neuromuscular Retraining)…

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Marin – Summary

Your Self-Help Program Lessons At Golfer’s Elbow Classroom

Through high-quality, step-by-step video tutorials, you’ll learn how to apply my powerful therapy techniques on your own muscles and tendons. I’ll show you the three most important stretches you need for your Golfer’s Elbow, and I’ll teach you the three crucial exercises.

And even if you don’t live in the Marin or Sonoma County area and can’t see me for treatment, you can still get a membership to my Golfer’s Elbow Classroom and follow the self-help program at home wherever you are:

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