Tennis Elbow Treatment In Marin, San Francisco

For a permanent end to your vicious cycle of tendon pain!

Tennis Elbow Treatment That Breaks Your Vicious Cycle Of Pain Through Hands-On Therapy AND Video Tutoring

Your incomparable Tennis Elbow treatment program will include the best of both worlds: Focused, attentive Neuromuscular / Deep Tissue Therapy sessions with me, in person, here at Body In Balance – AND video self-help lessons at your convenience in my virtual ‘Tennis Elbow Classroom’ – Let’s put an end to your Tennis Elbow frustrations, limitations and pain once and for all!

1st: Avoid The Common Treatment Mistakes – Watch These “Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials”

These videos will help you better understand your Tennis Elbow, avoid some of the most common treatment mistakes and start treating it the right way yourself. You’ll also find many more in the Tennis Elbow Articles Section – And at my companion site: Tennis Elbow Classroom

This first video is on inflammation, since the idea that inflammatory process is somehow either responsible for Tennis Elbow (and/or a major issue that needs to be treated) is a medical myth.

So, to begin with, if you’re still treating, fighting or worrying about inflammation, here’s why you can stop. (What medical researchers first discovered decades ago.) For a more detailed version see: The Tennis Elbow ‘Tendonitis’ Inflammation Fallacy

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Detailed Tennis Elbow Articles And Videos

Why you shouldn’t bother icing your Tennis Elbow… How “absolute rest” is rust and counter-productive… Why braces are not a sensible treatment… The dangers or Cortisone shots – And more…

Why You Should NOT Use Ice

Why You Should NOT Use Ice

How Helpful Is Rest For Tennis Elbow?

How Helpful Is Rest For Tennis Elbow?

Does wearing a brace help Tennis Elbow heal?

Do Braces Help You Heal?

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Take To Heal?

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Take To Heal?

The Cortisone Shot: Why You Don't Want One

Cortisone Shots: Why You Don’t Want One

Is it safe to keep working out when you have Tennis Elbow?

Can You Keep Working Out With Tennis Elbow?

More Articles:

You’ll find many more articles and videos here in the Tennis Elbow Articles Section – And my companion site: Tennis Elbow Classroom (Articles)

Your Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Treatment At Body In Balance

Photo: Tennis Elbow Therapy, Marin, San FranciscoIf you have a severe or chronic case of Tennis Elbow there is no substitute for hands-on therapy that releases your muscles and gives your tendons the kind of “stimulation” they need to heal faster and stronger.

Here a few words – including a video – from some of my pain-free, former Tennis Elbow sufferers

What you get here – ALL you get here is attentive, focused one-on-one treatment. This isn’t “Routine Rehab” – There are no ice packs, no useless ultrasound, and you don’t get left laying around on a cold slab of vinyl with annoying electrodes zapping you.

I’ve been specializing in treating Tennis Elbow – (and Tendonitis in general) – for 8-10 years now very successfully, and at the heart of my approach are two very special therapies:

Soft Tissue Release (STR) – In a very general way STR is a kind of “Deep Tissue Massage” – but I say that only as a jumping off point. This is the fastest way I know of to release the kinds of restrictions from tension and Scar Tissue that most Tennis Elbow sufferers have as one of the root causes of their injury.

NeuroMuscular Retraining (NMR) – Every Tennis Elbow case I’ve ever seen has had a pattern of muscle weaknesses and compensations. NMR helps to restore coordination and strength to muscles that have become stuck in a state of “amnesia” – whether because of sudden, forceful injury or gradual repetitive strain.

And here’s a side-by-side summary of each therapy showing how they each help you recover on two different levels; the more physical (Soft Tissue Release) and the more functional (Neuromuscular Retraining)…

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Marin – Summary

Your Tennis Elbow Self-Help Lessons At Tennis Elbow Classroom

Through high-quality, step-by-step video tutorials, you’ll learn how to apply my powerful therapy techniques on your own muscles and tendons. I’ll show you the three most important stretches you need for your Tennis Elbow, and I’ll teach you the three crucial exercises.

Tennis Elbow Self-Treatment Therapy ProgramTennis Elbow Self-Treatment Program - StretchingTennis Elbow Self-Treatment Program - Exercises(Premium videos)

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Or all the free, full-length articles, videos and podcasts at Tennis Elbow Classroom: Most Recent Articles List

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Consider a Gemstone-Level membership (Emerald or Diamond) if you would like to have a phone or Skype video consultation with me, prior to your in-office treatment.

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